Corporate Vision of HR

Business Ethics

Our Business ethics are based on Integrity and Commitment towards achieving organizational goals. Our code of Ethics is enshrined in the values of good Humanity and Governance with family values.


Will encourage & foster Leadership with a Vision to focus on leveraging Opportunities and meeting Challenges.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to benchmark our success with Customer satisfaction by attaining, delivering and maintaining the highest standards of Quality & Cost effective Services and Products.

Employee Engagement

Ensuring fair Recruitment, enhanced Performance, Promotions, and improved Quality of Life for employees and their family members.
Ensuring Care for each other, Transparency & Trust with focus on institutionalizing the collective Initiatives of all.
Ensuring Job Rotation, Job Enrichment, Training and Re-training, Career & Succession Planning, across the hierarchy.
Enabling each employee to develop to his or her full potential with a shared sense of direction with a well-defined accountability and responsibility.


Enabling each employee to evolve into self starter Team Leader and meet the fast changing business environment and maintain a competitive edge.


Our focus is to facilitate free flow of communication (Open Door Policy) with trust on People and Policy and evolve a participative work environment.

Passion for Excellence

We strive for Excellence with passion in all of our businesses and with a focused approach — aptly captured in our company’s tag line “Prominence through Excellence”.

Concern for Environment

We are committed to preserve & protect our ecological environment and our heritage. We will do this by adopting an environment friendly attitude and promoting practices that enhance our esteem.


We are committed to develop an Entrepreneurial work culture by fostering an in-depth knowledge of our core businesses and then attendant opportunities so that all our employees can be trustees of our Stakeholders. We will develop Entrepreneurial Managers.

HR Mission

Our mission is to support our corporate leadership, Department Heads and employees in the achieving their personal and strategic goals. We intend to achieve this by attracting recruiting, training, Development and retaining high caliber staff and constantly revitalizing the employees of ICC.

HR Quality Objective

  Promote a culture of Teamwork amongst employees.
  Strive for continuous improvement in upgrading the competencies of employees through focused initiatives.
  Focus on defined Values and Principles.
  Facilitate people towards a multi skilled and multi tasking approach

Our Culture

  (T. T.Q &P) Transparency, Trust, Quality & Professionalism

Our HR Strategy is encompassed by: R E S P E C T

  Reliability- you can count on us
  Excellence- Is our Standard
  Service- Customer is First. Exceed meeting his needs
  People- Serve people with fairness and firmness
  Empowerment- enabling each to attain his / her Potential.
  Consistency – Concern for all as we wish to be cared for employees.
  Teamwork- Foster a spirit of Teamwork

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